Anna Morra


Name: Anna Morra
Player: Jamie
Age: 16
Nature/Concept: Outsider

Attributes and Abilities

Strength: ooooo Quality: Athletic
Might: ooo
Dexterity: ooooo Quality: Flexible
Athletics: ooooo
Drive: ooo
Legerdomain: ooo
Melee: ooooo Chain-Fighting: ooo
Stealth: ooooo Hiding: oo Sneaking: o
Stamina: ooooo Quality: Enduring
Endurance: ooo Sleepless: o
Resistance: ooo Resist Interrogation: oo

Perception: ooooo Quality: Astute
Awareness: oooo
Investigation: ooo
Intellegence: ooooo Quality: Discerning
Computer: oo
Intrusion: ooooo Lockpicking: oo Electronic Infiltration: o
Medicine: ooo
Survival: ooo
Wits: oooo Quality: Creative

Appearance: ooo
Manipulation: ooo
Streetwise: ooo
Charisma: oo


Backing: o (House of Aeon)
Cipher: ooo
Eufiber: ooooo
Resources: oo
Willpower: oooooooo
Quantum: oo
Quantum Pool: 24

Quantum Powers
Luck: ooooo
Extra Health Levels (2×2 Maimed)
Mega-Dexterity: oo
Mega-Stamina: o
Dex: Catfooted
Sta: Durability
Soak: 13B/11L
Initiative: +13
Speed (Walk/Run/Sprint): 7/19/41
Chomp-Chomp (Chain) Accuracy 14/Damage 15B

Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-3/Incap


Anna was 12 when the attack on London occurred. Like many children that day, her parents did not show up to pick her up from school. The school assumed that her parents were among those that had passed on in the numerous attacks across the globe. She was rounded up with the other orphans and taken to a “government facility” to determine whether or not she was to be considered a threat, and if not, to prepare her and the other children for the world that they would be living in.
However, after only a few days, the children were separated from one another, given matching clothes with numbers, and allowed only 2 portioned meals a day. Since the physiology and capabilities of the super-humans was not understood, they performed rigorous and sometimes cruel tests. Injected weekly with a red and a green liquid, they called it “vitamins,” but they always left Anna feeling ill and she began to suspect that it was something else.
A year later, she was moved from her group to a single cell with a cot and a crude toilet. She was only moved from this room to be “pushed to her limits.” It would have been called torture under any other circumstance. When she was able to remain conscious long enough to hear her captors speak of her “potential,” and powers, abilities, and things that sounded strange to her.
Another year passed, and she came to realize what they meant by abilities. She was able to hide that she knew of her capabilities, until she was able to control them a bit better on her own. Late in October, as she would later find out, she found herself in the luckiest of circumstance: the guard had failed to lock the door. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Anna left her room and sought to find an exit to her prison. Having a bit of aggression toward her captors, Anna killed, smashed, and destroyed everything she could on her way out.
After her escape, she spent six months scrounging and stealing to get by, until she was approached by Jason Stone. Jason offered her an opportunity to control and learn her powers better, as a member of the House of Aeon. After a year, she was ready to begin her time in the field.

Anna Morra

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