House of Aeon

Founded in the late 1600’s, the House was a safe haven for those who would be called witch. Funded by Elizabeth Addinelle, the House only consisted of less than 50 members, spread throughout the world in 5 man cells. The House’s primary goal is guide nova’s to utilize their abilities for the benefit of mankind, while keeping the existence of novas a closely guarded secret.

In 2006, however, an unknown group of novas exposed and awakened dormant novas across the world. At this point the House went quiet for two years, re-structuring and changing it stance toward the rest of the world. Realizing that there was no longer any way that they would be able to contain the effect that novas would have on the world. Elizabeth then decided that she would begin to try to utilize the House as a means to help improve the public’s view on novas.
With a decidedly larger pool, Red Knight recruited an additional 25 novas with a variety of abilities to help subdue novas working independently for personal gain at the expense of the welfare of people. Such novas were directed to the prominent governments to be processed via the laws of the land. While the efforts of the House are a step in the correct direction, the damage from the 2006 attacks has been done.

House of Aeon Charter:

Elizabeth Addinelle (Oracle)
Red Knight

US House:
Jason Stone
Anna Morra
Sarah Fried
Tsuchiya Kiyoshi

Japan House:
Mamoru Hiko

House of Aeon

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