Pantheon of the Fallen Gods

Seeking to utilize the civil unrest created by the 2006 attacks as a means to gain power, the Pantheon impersonates gods and goddesses of a lost age. Finding that fear is the most effective tool for gaining loyal and devout followers, the members of the pantheon seem to take on the personae of deities of pertaining to death, chaos destruction, and the underworld. Gaining thousands of worshipers, they operate out of the great pyramids in Giza. The Pantheon are rarely seen outside of the pyramid, but the low ranking members, all human, frequently travel betweent he pyramid and nearby settlements for supplies. It is unknown how they so effectively evade the attention of the pubic.

In the summer of 2010, the House of Aeon sent in a team to investigate the cult’s activities. After last contact with a representative in Cairo, the team went silent for 3 weeks. At this point the Japan Chapter was sent in to assess the situation and if necessary to take out the previous team. Led by __________, understudy to Oracle, the Japan Chapter infiltrated the base, eliminating 3 of the deities and a good number of the clergy in the cult. Freeing the US Chapter in the Process.

The following week, the US Chapter location was assaulted by Pantheon agents. Leading the assault were Loki and _____. Utilizing mutated humans (Demi-humans) as foot-soldiers, the Pantheon managed to break through the defenses that Red Knight had put in place. The US Chapter was able to head off the brunt of the assault. Loki and his “pet” dragon, accompanied by _____, were struck down by the US Chapter.

Currently the only known living members are Hel and Hades. Since the assault on the House of Aeon US Chapter base, the Pantheon has been quiet.

Known Nova Members
Loki (D)
Seker (Sokar) (D)
Marduk (D)

Known Members:

500 Egypt
200 Greece
50 Switzerland

Pantheon of the Fallen Gods

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